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Dell Boomi overview

Dell Boomi is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for building both cloud-based and on-premise application integrations, or a hybrid of both. Dell Boomi is built on the 100% native cloud Boomi AtomSphere integration platform. The platform supports cloud-to-cloud, SaaS-to-SaaS, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration. Boomi AtomSphere supports real-time integration that can be scaled to meet high-volume demands, and supports master data management (MDM) and platform extension capabilities.

Dell Boomi offers an integration platform that can be used for building cloud-to-cloud integrations, on-premise-to-on-premise integrations and hybrid integrations. Using the visual interface, you can access a number of common integration components that can be pieced together to create end-to-end integration workflows. The patented visual designer uses point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools to build integrations with no coding knowledge needed.

Dell Boomi uses the Boomi Atom engine to deploy your integration. The Atom does not send your data to the platform, but rather centralized all integration execution activity to their platform for continual monitoring. through the Manage feature on the Boomi AtomSphere platform you can see the health and activity of all executions, including detailed activity logs and process change alerts. The software also offers a suggestion tool for helping to create data maps, a resolution tool for crowd-sourced issue resolution along with Predictive Assistance, an advisory service for creating integrations that match your business KPIs.


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Dell Boomi reviews

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Scholl Guin

Boomi - achieve peace-of-mind

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-12-06
Review Source: Capterra

We've used Dell Boomi to support Re-pricing and Order management integration over the past several years. Our processes submit approx. 1-2 million API calls a day to our ERP and marketplace channel management platforms. The most important thing I can say about Boomi is the peace of mind it brings...Once you get a process built and's just works! I worry about all of our other platforms going down or cringe when new updates are released. I've never had that worry with Boomi. They perform monthly releases, and I've never had a release break one of our processes. Given the range of tools available to construct integration processes, there is almost always a way to accomplish a process. Typically the challenge becomes picking the best way to solve the problem with the various options available. One thing that has drastically improved over the past year or two is the information/knowledge base and participation of the Boomi user community. Several years ago if you had questions on how to do something, it would take a while to figure things out. The new Community platform is thriving with lots of very useful information to help beginners get started building processes. The only negative I've ever had and continue to have is cost. Depending on the number of connections (distinct endpoints) you require for your integration needs, things can get expensive quickly. This is one area in which I wish Boomi would get creative. Even if you are using basic local DISK connections or simple HTTP endpoint connections (as opposed to branded connectors such as, or Netsuite), every endpoint will cost you an additional $300/month. Some pricing-flexibility on bundling certain types of connectors would be a great improvement. For this reason I deducted some stars in the "Value For Money" rating. However, I'll end by re-iterating my opening comments. That cost delivers a huge benefit...Boomi is a robust, stable platform, and you will achieve piece of mind for your integrations that run within it. Development environment.

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Robert Husted

A Better Way to Work

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-12-06
Review Source: Capterra

Boomi is a point-and-click tool that has many features across a broad functional spectrum (e.g. Enterprise Service Bus, Web Service Gateway, Managed File Transfer, Messaging). You use a drag-and-drop interface to create processes, with no coding required (though you CAN use Groovy or JavaScript when needed). What can you do with it? You can: create and consume web services; perform database CRUD operations; get/send files over FTP/SFTP; read/write JMS queues; read/write to file systems (Linux, Windows, Mainframe, etc.); send/get email; read/parse/create EDI; etc. Nearly everything you do in an IT shop to integrate systems and applications you can do via Boomi. Boomi isn't ideal for everything. E.g. complicated ETL, voluminous file transfers, complicated processing, etc. But for the everyday IT tasks, Boomi is the perfect middleware tool. Simple tasks can be done in minutes with Boomi: read from a database to create a report and email it; call web services; web-service enable an existing process; create an enterprise web service that orchestrates a process; poll directories looking for files; poll JMS queues looking for messages; copy data between two applications; convert data from one format to another; in short - anything involving integrations between systems or applications can be done in Boomi. At my company we're starting to use Boomi for all middleware activities - it's fast and easy to create processes that perform a variety of tasks. Boomi does the heavy lifting, we just configure shapes, connect them together in a process flow, and then push it to production. Sometimes we have to use code (Groovy or JavaScript) to do complicated things that the tool doesn't natively do (e.g. date manipulation/calculation, call out to a Java Library to create a Java Web Token), but otherwise it seems to do everything we want to do. Nearly anything you can do in Java, .NET, python, perl, etc. you can do in Boomi with little or no coding. Boilerplate development (like creating data services, extracting data to files, running scheduled tasks, etc.) can all be done in minutes or hours in Boomi rather than days or weeks in traditional programming languages. Boomi doesn't replace all of your tools - but it replaces 80% of what you do with those tools and it takes 20% of the time to do it. I'm convinced that it's the future of traditional IS development.Ease of use, simplicity of the programming paradigm, and the vast capabilities of the product.

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Vivek Verma

My Dell Boomi View

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-12-06
Review Source: Capterra

Overall experience is good but I still see a lots of improvement points for the development environment. Also memory and multi threading options appears a bit tricky with Dell Boomi. Checkpointing of the processing would add lots of value to the product in terms of recovering the the half way processed transactions. Common development environment along with version control and revision history. Development environment on cloud can enable a developer to become productive from day one. Single place deployment and complete code life cycle management. Common Dashboard to monitor the integer landscape components. Automated housekeeping of logs and temporary files.

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David Byrd

Boomi is fantastic

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-12-14
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Boomi and doing great. I like the way we can break down data into small units of work. It simplifies how to handle multi-conditional pathing and the unit of work level. Currently, I am working at SFCG, using various tools to build integrations into Oracle CX products. When we started kicking the tires on Boomi and in the training and development since that time, I've tried a series of processes out that have given me trouble in other tools. Below is a brief recap of my experience and growing admiration for the way in which this tool has made my job easier. My first goal with using Boomi was to connect to an instance of CRM On-Demand (a task that can on other platforms be a time-consuming endeavor). What I found was a useful wizard, pictured below, with a series of pop-up steps to follow. In other tools, I have spent more time in trying to define the schemas, than actually completing the maps that use them. Boomi reduced that time from my process. This is one small example of many demonstrating how my teammates and I feel as if we were working in black and white and are now working in color with Boomi AtomSphere. Tasks I've taken for granted are complex, time-consuming and meticulous are simplified, streamlined and transformed with powerful features like Boomi Suggest - a handy feature that leverages the collective intelligence of the Boomi community to suggest which fields should be mapped in a Data Map. You don't need to take my word for it, another member of our team, Li Mo started building out an integration to Oracle Sales Cloud, using the SOAP API Connector. He was able to do a complete integration to insert a record into the Account entity, and it took about an hour and a half. Note: it had been about 1 month since we both actually took the training courses. I believe we choose an additional tool that plays to the inner strengths of working in the cloud, and I can not wait until I start full blown to continue development on new integration projects using Dell Boomi AtomSphere. Ease of use

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Richard Brown

Integration tool with GUI interface is OK for Salesforce-to-SQL integration

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-12-07
Review Source: Capterra

We are using Boomi in an on-premise installation to integrate other software. It is adequate. The drag-and-drop interface web-based interface is easy-to-learn and generally responsive. Monitoring and scheduling are fine, though error-reporting is via system-generated emails that must be reviewed manually or via email rules (you need to buy an additional "Connector" from Boomi to send your own emails). Dedication to the GUI interface limits flexibility -- code and SQL statements can be so powerful, but you cannot get to them. There is "Groovy", a Java-like scripting language, but figuring out how and where to call it is difficult -- the in-process and "document" touch points are not intuitive and are not well-documented. Customer support is generally responsive but not always helpful. Their first question is "send me the URL of your cloud interfacing definition", and when we explain that we are on-premise (required for database security) then answers become tough to get and more vague. We get TIMEOUT errors when moving tens-of-thousands of records from Salesforce to SQL. Boomi's response is that the error is from Salesforce so it is Salesforce's problem. However, we did not get these errors from our previous integration tool from Bluewolf. Unfortunately, Bluewolf does not integrate with OpenAir, so we had to change tools. We work around the TIMEOUT by changing schedules and changing the interface approach to moving fewer records. Overall Boomi does the job and we have made it work -- I have no delusion that there is a great tool available for this difficult job of cross-system integration. My interpretation is that Boomi is focused on web service integrations with small message sizes, and the on-premise solution is an afterthought. Ease of use; web access

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Additional information for Dell Boomi

Key features of Dell Boomi

  • Application, data, and B2B integration
  • Design integration processes
  • Automate complex integrations
  • Series of common integration components
  • Library of prebuilt connectors
  • Point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools
  • Lightweight, dynamic run-time engine
  • Automatic integration updates
  • SaaS-to-Saas/ SaaS-to-on-premises/ on-premise-to-on-premise
  • Process status alerts
  • Boomi Suggest tool
  • Crowd-sourced knowledge base
  • Crowd-sourced regression testing
  • Predictive assistance
  • Patented visual designer
  • Automatic Data Mapping
  • Knowledge Base and Community
  • Active Directory integration
  • Third party integration
  • Hundreds of Technology and Data Connectors
  • HR integration
  • Real time automatic updates
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Event tracking
  • Activity monitoring
  • Drag & drop
  • API
  • CRM Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Accounting Integration
  • Database Integration
  • Mobile Integration
  • POS Integration
  • Payroll Integration
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Real Time Data
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Real Time Notifications
  • B2B Integration & EDI
  • Email Integration
  • Help Desk Integration
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Boomi Suggest: A crowd-sourced suggestion wizard for data mapping best practices from the Dell Boomi community. Suggest and auto-build maps for new integrations.

Boomi Resolve: Crowd-sourced contributions to the Boomi knowledge base from the Boomi support team and user community that offer solution through articles and resolution suggestions.

Boomi Assure: Crowd-sourced regression testing that lets you submit integration processes and data to AtomSphere to test them against future changes to the platform, ensuring your integration processes don't break with the release of new changes.

Boomi Predictive Assistance: The team at Boomi continually analyse your integrations, identifying potential issues and flagging up suggestions for new processes or untapped opportunities that could benefit your business.

Boomi Atom: This is the engine your integrations are deployed with. The Atom uses outbound only Atom-to-platform communication. The engine checks for updates to integration processes and automatically updates itself as needed.