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Quick Base

The easiest way to build your own apps without code.

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Quick Base overview

Quick Base is an application building platform which allows users to create customized business apps with no coding required. The enterprise-ready solution offers tools including workflow automations, notifications and reminders, task management, team collaboration, interactive dashboards, and more.

Quick Base includes easy web forms for fast data collection, point-and-click integration with other cloud apps and data sources, robust APIs, unlimited reports and dashboards, customizable home pages, and right-sized governance including role-based access control.


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Quick Base screenshot: Apps for project management, CRM, business process management, and more. Intuit QuickBase for Rapid Application DevelopmentQuick Base screenshot: QuickBase Built-in Mobile CapabilityQuick Base screenshot: Sample QuickBase Dashboard

Quick Base reviews

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Quickbase has a lot of potential and power, but is possibly a steep investment

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-12
Review Source: Capterra

It allowed us to replace an old program that was obsolete and no longer supported by the original software developer, and streamline our company's data/workflow needs. However, we have to put up with system quirks we can't afford to fix. Quickbase has some flexibility, it can hold a good amount of data, you can set user controls for different users, and it can be customized to fit your company's needs. You can build apps from scratch or find apps others have developed and incorporate them into your system. You can do custom reports for your company reports or data collection, and save these reports in a spreadsheet format. You can filter your reports as well. It's based on laymen's programming language. They have pretty good customer service.

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Brad Eisenberg

Quickbase transformed our business

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-04
Review Source: GetApp

My company is an energy efficiency contracting business with 20+ employees and $2.5M in annual revenue across residential and commercial business lines. Before we used Quickbase, we had used a combination of other software, and a proprietary software we built to manage our operations. Where these software fell short, Quickbase far exceeded. Simply put the ability create, extend, and change our application to meet our specific needs in a constantly changing environment is powerful. Our application has become our CRM, Project Management, and Operational tracking ad reporting software all built into one with a lot of automation and integration to boot!Developing on Quickbase is incredibly easy. Most business operators with basic business software instincts can start building in Quickbase immediately, or they can choose an application on their exchange to start off with. Beyond the basics, where Quickbase really shines is how robust of a platform it is with incredible functionality including beautiful reporting, dynamic filtering, formula fields and form logic, integration ability, and more. There's always a new trick you can learn in Quickbase. In terms of usability, that's really all in the app your choose to use or build. It can be really clunky or sleek. All depends on your ability to build a usable app. The design of the interface is basic, but they're in the process of rolling out a new UI called Mercury that looks great.

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George Khairallah

Quickbase: the the missing link between applications and and business owners

Reviewed 2016-02-22
Review Source: GetApp

I have used Quickbase for about 2 years now, and I have needed to create the application for my company from scratch. After having dabbled with the likes of designing a SQL or Access database, to creating a seemingly easier FileMaker application, Quickbase ended up winning those, hands down. From a UI/UX perspective, Quickbase is a very intuitive products. You will immediately notice the attention to detail in designing this product the very first time you run into an error in a formula, or any design element. All feedback from the application is so detailed to the point where it practically resolves the issue for you. No other application has ever done that for me. Furthermore, it allows even a non-technical user create fairly complex applications that are far from achievable using a normal database product. Even if you are looking to create certain more advanced functionality in Quickbase, for instance, interacting with other applications via the API, you have native connectors within Quickbase which is constantly growing, and you can use applications like Zapier to further than integration without requiring any programming knowledge. I can write about the benefits of this application for pages, but, I will just say that, if you are drowning in Excel sheets to run your business, and have no way to link your data in an elegant way, do yourself a favor, and check out Quickbase for this purpose. - Easy of use (Great UI/UX) - Flexible Interface - Scalable - Supports a full API for integration to virtually any other application - Allows for scaling to a multi-user application, allowing for complex workflows to match business process. - It's a mature product, which means that you would hard pressed to ask a question that hasn't already been answered by one of the Quickbase geniuses in the community forums. - The community support is fantastic, and their support is very quick and efficient.

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Nick Michailides

An essential Project Management software.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-07
Review Source: Capterra

A major benefit is being able to keep track of all your files in one place. Then taking that data in those files and converting it into reports and charts. This software will bring you and your origination into the 21st century. What is considered the "norm" are Excel files and sheets. Well with QuickBase, the software allows the user to create Apps. What these apps can do is create an entire realm of excel sheets into one application. This eliminates the need to save and send and keep track of one or many excel files. By have one application house all of your files any user can log into QuickBase and continue to works where the last person left off. No need to save and send and wait on some else to finish their part. All the data the lives inside these apps are in a "live" state and the data is shown in real time. The other good part about QuickBase is all this data can be converted into reports and charts, allowing the end user to display visual aids to meet needs.

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Michael Myers

Quickbase: Easy to Learn, Rewarding to Master

Reviewed 2015-09-18
Review Source: GetApp

I have been using Quickbase since July of 2011 with my consulting firm that specializes in making Operations, Logistics, and Finance-related applications for many clients in the Washington, DC area. Coming from a statistics programming background, I found it very easy to start making simple relational databases and customize the user experience to my liking. Over the years, Quickbase has only gotten better in offering more options and polish, while still remaining stable and very robust for any number of use cases. One downside to being such a broad tool is that our clients sometimes don't even think to ask if something can be done in Quickbase, and instead wasting money on a more targeted application that is more out of the box ready. We commonly find that with new clients, making a simple app starts to open up the "what ifs" in their mind on what can be done in Quickbase. This is made even easier these days with the Quickbase App Exchange, showcasing beginner level applications, and the new Quickbase Sync which allows out of the box (one-way) data transfers from several 3rd party applications. Overall as a developer, the more time you put into exploring what Quickbase can do, the more possibilities there are in meeting requirements for potential projects. Easy to set-up, but has a lot of depth for those willing to take the time to learn. Low-code and great for experienced Excel and Google Sheets formula writers.

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Quick Base pricing

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30-day free trial, no credit card required.
Premier: $30/user/month, billed monthly or $25/user/month, billed annually (minimum 20 users).
Platform: $48/user/month, billed monthly or $40/user/month, billed annually (minimum 40 users).
Enterprise: contact Quick Base for pricing information.

Quick Base features

Activity Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Collaborative Workspace

Activity Dashboard (97 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (118 other apps)
Commenting (90 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (95 other apps)
Gantt Charts (85 other apps)
Prioritizing (116 other apps)
Progress Tracking (89 other apps)
Project Management (125 other apps)
Project Planning (115 other apps)
Project Time Tracking (129 other apps)
Project Tracking (84 other apps)
Task Management (87 other apps)
Task Tracking (104 other apps)
Third Party Integration (101 other apps)
Timesheets (98 other apps)

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Key features of Quick Base

  • Open API
  • No Coding Required
  • Fully Customizable Applications
  • 200+ Ready-To-Use Templates
  • 160 Partners Can Develop Applications For You
  • User Access Controls
  • Automated Email Alerts & Reminders
  • Unlimited Custom Reports
  • Web-Based 24/7 Access
  • No-code integrations with other cloud apps
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