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Pinpoint overview

What is Pinpoint?

Pinpoint is a cloud-based end-to-end recruiting and applicant tracking solution designed for in-house recruiters and HR teams. The platform offers automated social recruiting, customizable application forms and hiring workflows, branded communications, automated interview scheduling, and more.

With Pinpoint, users can set up a custom-branded careers page and portal to advertise jobs and receive applications. Application forms and hiring workflows can be customized for each role, and integration with LinkedIn enables one-click applications. Applicant resumes are parsed and all candidate data is stored in standardized profiles for filtering and comparisons. Candidates can also be stored in a talent pool for future vacancies, and invited to apply when their profile matches a new role.

Pinpoint automates interview scheduling by allowing candidates to select an interview slot from the hiring team’s availability, with automatic calendar updates to prevent double-booking. Branded emails can be sent out to candidates, either created from scratch or using a pre-built template, and all communications are recorded in the candidate timeline. Pinpoint also allows users to collaborate on hiring decisions by reviewing, rating, commenting on, and assigning an overall score to each candidate to establish a hiring consensus.


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Pinpoint screenshot: With Pinpoint, users can set up a custom-branded careers page to advertise jobs and receive applicationsPinpoint screenshot: Custom application forms can be created to collect required information for different rolesPinpoint screenshot: Users can manage, review, and rate candidates collaborativelyPinpoint screenshot: Candidates can schedule their own interviews based on hiring team availability

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Pinpoint pricing

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Growth: £5000/year for 20 active jobs and unlimited team members.
Custom Enterprise plans are also available.

Pinpoint features

Applicant Tracking
Customizable Branding
Real Time Reporting
Recruitment Management
Self Service Portal
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API (465 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (388 other apps)
Activity Tracking (235 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (361 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (288 other apps)
Data Import/Export (270 other apps)
Employee Database (251 other apps)
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Employee Self Service (234 other apps)
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Reporting & Statistics (413 other apps)

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Additional information for Pinpoint

Key features of Pinpoint

  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Automated social recruiting
  • Blind recruitment
  • Branded emails
  • Candidate filtering
  • Candidate management
  • Candidate source reporting
  • Collaborative team feedback
  • Custom application forms
  • Custom careers page
  • Custom hiring workflows
  • Job management
  • Standardized candidate profiles
  • Talent pipeline management
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• Attract more of the best candidates and reduce reliance on recruitment agencies. Highly targeted, automated social media advertising helps you promote vacancies to your ideal candidates.

• Create and update jobs in Pinpoint. These are automatically pushed to your branded careers page, and integrated into your existing website.

• Team members can collaboratively review, rate, and comment on applicants, and each candidate can be assigned a score to facilitate comparisons and establish a hiring consensus.

• Hiring workflows can be customized for different roles, and users can view reports to determine which hiring workflows were most effective.

• Blind recruitment can be enabled for specific jobs, so that users are presented with anonymized applications which have had all personally identifiable information removed by Pinpoint.