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Close is an inside sales CRM designed by salespeople for salespeople. Close offers many features to increase sales productivity, including built-in calling, email, SMS, smart search, API and integrations, actionable reporting, and more.


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Reviewed 2016-03-31
Review Source: GetApp

I can tell you that I have used over 20 different CRM systems over the past 10 years. We do a tone of cold calling and we need to just blaze through calls fast and I never could find CRM that allowed us to do this. I was so frustrated that I needed up even creating our own CRM just to do this very thing. I can’t tell you how much money I spent in development of our CRM to make a product that blazes through calls fast. We used that for about a year or two then I stumbled on because our in-house custom CRM was having problems and we didn't have the resources to fix it so I figured I would try again. I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am about how amazing Stop logging calls and emails and start making them instead. truly is. This CRM is unlike any product on the market it is exactly what we wanted our in-house product to be and more. It’s so awesome we scrapped our in house product and started exclusively using Stop logging calls and emails and start making them instead.. You do not truly have an appreciation for “next gen” this thing really is, there is literally nothing like it on the market and honestly I’m a bit shocked no one seems to get the amazing this thing is. This is a pure sales communication tool that cuts out all the BS of a CRM and is a real actual tool that a sales person can use to increase their sales and not just some data collection thing that salespeople are forced to you. If you actually give a go and start using it you’ll never want to use anything else if you do cold calling. The thing seamlessly interfaces all your calls AND even all your emails! You no longer need to be jumping in and out of outlook, you don’t need to check your outlook or Gmail calendar, and you don’t need to do anything except pull up the Stop logging calls and emails and start making them instead. and do the stuff in your inbox and make money. It pulls in not only your tasks, and follow up meetings but it also syncs your emails and voicemail sand phone calls. It takes every single bit of communication you do and puts it in one quick “to do list” automatically with ZERO data entry. It’s blazing fast and it just works. The voicemail drop thing is really dope, I can’t tell you how many times a day I find myself having to leave voice mails for people, they have this thing that you hit a button and it automatically leaves a voicemail so you can go to the next call, just amazing in terms of productivity. There are too many to list – If you do cold calls this is a no brainier, you need to buy it today! It support The best apps. Better together. as well which means it hooks into hundreds of other marketing tools also. Their support is second to none, these guys seems to be hustling hard with support, product development and just providing a kick ass experience for their customers. I recommend this product.

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Joshua Francia Torres

It's like magic

Reviewed 2015-03-17
Review Source: GetApp

We have a startup focused in ticket sales for events in Mexico. We were looking for in-depth data of our salesmen and to make easier for them to keep track of their clients by client type. We used a CRM (highrise), but the data it gave us was no longer enough to know more about whether the size and type of clients - and opportunities - our sales team were generating was the right kind given our current strategy. We initially requested a trial by importing a subset of random data of our former CRM but we felt this was not useful, because not all of those imported leads were relevant to us at the moment. When support from gave us the option to extend our trial period, we deleted all of the previous leads and instead started adding new leads into the platform. That's when we notice the main strong point of by adding our first lead's email, within seconds we had a full history of each email we exchanged in the past. The desktop app works like a charm. Also, when you have a small sales team like ours, it's great to add a lead and check if one of your teammates already make a contact. Finally, it's amazing how easy is to categorize leads, we even use it to keep track of investors, allies and competitors. The call feature is also a huge breath of fresh air into a follow-up process. The fact you can make calls straight from the app, that those calls get recorded and also get tracked into a lead's history ensures automatic track of almost every kind of interaction with a lead. In our case, although we tried it and it worked great, we won't make use of it because our small office space forces us to do calls by getting outside the office, and given our internet connection is not that solid we will keep making calls the way we are right now and evaluate a full switch later. In a few words: if you have a small sales team and you want to make them doing more closing and less data insertion into follow-up tools, consider switching to close.ioThe email auto-tracking is by far the the tool of The fact you can create a lead and it automatically brings all of the history of emails you exchanged with them gives a lot more insight and visibility into salesman follow-up performance. Also, the call feature; if you have a strong internet connection, and especially if you're a startup and your salespeople is constantly on the run. Support also responds very quickly to feedback, which made a lot easier the switch from our former CRM.

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Anna Krueger for therapists, tutors and coaches

Reviewed 2015-10-14
Review Source: GetApp

I have been looking at various CRM's for my private practice. I provide online therapy for speech, language and learning. impressed me with its rich features and customizations. I loved the fact that works perfectly for one person. So many of the other CRMs are for sales teams. Everything functioned flawlessly on the first try. I was able to set it up to use my domain name email. I imported all my contacts from Gmail. I could add customizations that would make it easy to keep track of my clients. The search function knocked my socks off! I couldn't remember the name of a certain funding agency. Just by entering the client's name, it gave me the funding agency. was created for people trying to make an initial sale. I keep my clients three or four years and they often need a break from therapy for a few months. It was easy for me to give clients a status, such as "paused" or "completed goals". I was able to collect leads from my Wordpress website using Planso Forms. These create a new lead in The options to add a phone line and bulk email surprised me. I haven't seen this in any other CRMs. I can create email templates and send out messages to groups of people using my domain name email. The messages are plain text, which is just right for smart phones. I tried out the phone function on my computer. I have been using Magic Jack, and getting complaints from clients about MJ. The phone line is from Twilio and is much clearer. By installing the app on my phone, I can have a second phone number on my cell and I don't have to give clients my personal number.

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Varun Kumar

The best CRM for the sales team to do the cold calling at an ease.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-21
Review Source: GetApp

We use pipedrive for email marketing and for cold calling. Our system works like this. Our marketing team use pipedrive to send out email to possible leads and follow up with them and when it results in a successful response from the prospect the sales team collects the phone numbers. Then these prospects with phone numbers have been downloaded to csv and transferred to CRM for sales team. Then they do all the cold calling with in CRM. Our department also have access to this CRM to make support calls later on. We can say our sales team's productivity has increased a lot after implementing this CRM. They do not need to manually do the sorting and recording of calls made and everything can be done in settings just one time.

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Best CRM for managing relationships

Reviewed 2016-04-24
Review Source: GetApp

Love how simple Close.IO is. There's one list of contacts , and then an infinite ways of segmenting the data after that in powerful ways. It's a very powerful concept, and they do it in a way that makes it super easy to manage lists of leads/clients/whatever, and to help make sure you're on top of it. They do this, however, in my opinion, by sacrificing features available in other top CRMs, some that seem like they should just be there. For us it has been worthwhile nonetheless.By far the easiest and most intuitive way to manage relationships that I've come across. If it's a big struggle for you to have a bunch of lists of leads, and with your limited time you struggle to stay on top of each and every one of them, then Close.IO is awesome. It has helped us make sure none fall through the cracks, and does that in a way where I don't have to think about it. It just lets me know. Integration through Zapier also brings it to another level of automating workflows.

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Key features of Close

  • Contacts, Leads & Opportunities
  • Windows/Mac Native Apps
  • 2-Way Email Integration
  • API Access
  • Calls Automatically Tracked
  • Phone Number + Global Calling
  • Call Audio Recording
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail Drop
  • Sales workflow with no manual data entry
  • SMS
  • Email Templates
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You should consider Close if:
- You do, or plan to do, high volume outreach by email, voice, or SMS
- You need to qualify large lead lists quickly
- You aim to close more than 10 deals a year
- You’re looking for a scalable system to match your sales team’s growth
- You prefer to have an all-in-one system over multiple tools