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Delphi AI

Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics software

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Delphi AI overview

What is Delphi AI?

Delphi AI is a predictive analytics solution that helps businesses check fields, handle exceptions, remediate errors, and manage audits across the platform. Administrators can embed predictive analytics into multiple workspaces, providing staff members with quick access to relevant insights.

Delphi AI allows team members to update the parameters of the deep learning algorithms to create optimized What-if Scenarios. It enables employees to utilize expressions and transform data from multiple sources to ensure compatibility with destination solutions. It also provides a built-in process to handle data loading, preparing, and pre-processing.

Delphi AI allows businesses to connect the platform with multiple third-party data sources. The platform uses built-in machine learning (ML) tools to create data correlations and identify patterns based on individual requirements.


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Delphi AI features

AI/Machine Learning
Drag & Drop
Predictive Analytics
Real Time Data
Reporting & Statistics
Sentiment Analysis
Third Party Integrations

API (108 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (71 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (54 other apps)
Data Capture and Transfer (54 other apps)
Data Extraction (51 other apps)
Data Import/Export (70 other apps)
Data Visualization (46 other apps)
Monitoring (45 other apps)
Multi-Language (74 other apps)
Natural Language Processing (56 other apps)
Search/Filter (63 other apps)
Workflow Management (46 other apps)

Additional information for Delphi AI

Key features of Delphi AI

  • Assemble applications and processes by dragging over and arranging pre-built components
  • Categorize emotions expressed in written text and identify if they are positive, negative or neutral
  • Caters to sales teams
  • Caters to the healthcare industry
  • Compare key metrics for the business against prominent players in the industry
  • Coordinate marketing efforts across channels (email, landing pages, social media, etc.)
  • Design workflow paths once and apply the logic to enable automatic creation of future processes and workflows
  • Discover and connect variety of data sources to the application for analysis
  • Enable businesses to implement machine learning algorithms on business data such as sales and revenue
  • Graphing and outlining possibilities of different scenarios and performance, 'what if' anaysis, yield analysis, cash flow projections
  • Improve business process by accessing more features and applications by combining third party integrations
  • Merge data from multiple sources to a single data set
  • Metrics that provide insight into how often followers interact with posts
  • Predict future data based on historical data sets
  • Send mail based on customer behavior
  • Software program that continuously adjusts its behavior based on observed data
  • Track and interpret campaign performance metrics
  • Use historical insights and simulations to forecast customer demand in different situations
  • View and track pertinent metrics
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Delphi AI provides a secure and scalable solution to generate accurate AI-powered insights. Users can create optimal What-If Scenarios and the platform is designed to meet enterprise needs. It comes with dynamic modeling, data connectors, data quality services, integrated help, and in-flight monitoring.