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Most favorable review

24th of June 20:56
Verified Reviewer

Nimble Social CRM - A great product for small businesses

“I started using Nimble as a friend was and loved it stating it was very easy to use and connected well with social media. I was losing track of prospects - which is never a good thing to do - so I chose to try it and have been on it ever since. It is great for reminding me to re-connect with prospects or clients, easy to learn (almost no learning curve whatsoever).”

Most critical review

22nd of June 22:26
Verified Reviewer

A real disappointment - all show, no go

“I had high hopes for Nimble and the promises they made, but the software has too many holes and support (especially technical support) is severely lacking. It's a shame as we invested a lot in developing around it (I'm even featured on their website) but we and every client we've recommended it to have given up in frustration. Save yourself the money and aggravation and look for something else.”

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Nimble Social CRM - A great product for small businesses

Verified Reviewer  24th of June 20:56

I started using Nimble as a friend was and loved it stating it was very easy to use and connected well with social media. I was losing track of prospects - which is never a good thing to do - so I chose to try it and have been on it ever since. It is great for reminding me to re-connect with prospects or clients, easy to learn (almost no learning curve whatsoever).

Pros: Easy to learn. Connects with social sites. Keeps a copy from gmail of emails. Uses tags. Syncs email calendar.

Cons: Does not scan in business cards - app. No way of tracking time / cost with clients - there is nothing I can find that interfaces with it.

Response from Nimble

Hi Colleen,

Thank you for taking the time to write us a review, we all appreciate it!

While we don't sync with a card scanner, you could set up a trigger between the FullContact Card Reader (mobile app) and Nimble via Zapier to create a new contact in Nimble when you scan a card. Details are over here:

Regarding time tracking, if you use a browser-based time tracking app, you could log time to a contact record in Nimble via the Smart Contacts App if you add it to your browser at

We would be more than happy to talk more about this via our Care channel :) Send us a message at if you would like to learn more.



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Ease of use issues

Verified Reviewer  24th of June 16:55

Program Manager (Venture Capital & Private Equity company, 1-10 employees)
Bought Nimble to replace existing CRM; sought centralized database with smooth Gmail integration, and catch-all for reminders, tasks, to-dos.

Pros: Good - Very Good Gmail integration. Have fixed some bugs since we onboarded. Great concept

Cons: Overly complex UI / UX Glitchy in: -add note ("enter" closes note) -Tasks (poor reminder functionality)

Response from Nimble

Thank you for taking the time to review Nimble.

For adding notes, we chose to default to using "Enter" for saving notes to cut down on clicks from our users. To do a line break, hold down "Shift+Enter" to continue writing.

For the reminder functionality in Tasks, we're working on improvements that we will release by the end of summer :)



Very helpful!

Verified Reviewer  24th of June 14:03

Marketing and Communications Coordinator (Media Production company, 51-200 employees)
This is exactly what I needed to keep in touch with all my contacts and keep them up to date. The integration with social media is what made this program stand out from the others, and the integration with gmail makes it really easy to look back on previous conversations.

Response from Nimble

Thank you for taking the time to review Nimble!

We're happy that we're making it easier for you to keep track of your conversations and stay in touch with everyone that's important to you!



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Nimble and LinkedIn provides a perfect combination.

Verified Reviewer  24th of June 01:21

I love to use LinkedIn and Nimble in combination to find prospects. The Nimble widget is very easy to work with and overall it provides a great CRM for us. I also like the Nimble training sessions every Wednesday. I attended few in the beginning and they really accelerated my learning curve. The customer support ( - I love the name) has been excellent when I had some issues.

Pros: Ease of use. Lightweight. Good integration. Cool social features.

Cons: Sometimes my prospects are not big social media users and then the social research fails. Not Nimble's fault and probably a problem of decreasing significance over time.

Response from Nimble

Hi Goran,

Thanks for taking the time to write us a review! We have faith that people will continue to become more social over time :)



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Nimble Profile Enrichment

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 20:45

Using Nimble for Profile enrichment and enhancement. Nimble helps me put a relationship in context across any system I am working in email, crm or on the web. Great service to quickly visualize relationships and potential connections.

Pros: Intuitive, easy to use. " Hover over Name" and Connect. Complements all systems we currently work in. Nice work.

Response from Nimble

Thank you for taking the time to write us such a kind review! We're happy to hear that you're taking our Nimble Everywhere strategy to heart :)



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Private Commercial Real Estate Debt Company Reviews Nimble

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 16:57

Managing Director (Real Estate company, 1-10 employees)
We spent a good amount of time investigating our options and so with whatever drawbacks, we are still happy with our investment in nimble. Whatever its shortcomings, its much easier to use than our old system which was designed by a company called blue robin.

Pros: We like the simplicity, browser plug in is really interesting. its engaging but we don't use a lot of the features.

Cons: 1) Like I said we do appreciate the simplicity but the biggest disappointment / the thing that would make the system a slam dunk for us if improved is simply the dropdown customization for contact categorizations. We have no use for "Hot Lead" we're not sales people, we're a capital source for the real estate world. We changed those to be subcategories of the lead type which we also customized. The disappointment is in that the system doesn't appreciate that more often than not, a Broker is often also a Buyer, an Attorney often dabbles as a Developer. It would be an easy thing for them to be both. For now we rely on tags although its prone to human error and I don't feel comfortable making mail lists off of them. In summary, our perfect system would allow for broad macro categories that we could customize and subcategories. As well as the ability to check multiple boxes 2) A couple of smaller things, When we connected our twitter account in uploaded all of the companies as people which was a disaster. There was no way to just flip them into companies. We had to delete them and remake them. 3) No customer service. It was a nightmare when we couldn't get an excel of contacts to upload properly, I think my associate had to tweet at Nimble to get any response. Eventually it was resolved. 4) For some reason we thought that connecting people's linkedin would tell us if they changed their job but so far it hasn't.

Response from Nimble

Thank you for taking the time to review Nimble.

I want to address a few of the concerns you brought up in the Cons to help out.

For 1. We recommend using the Custom Data fields feature in Nimble to create uniform data instead of Tags because they can definitely get messy.

For 2. Twitter doesn't differentiate between people or company accounts over their API, therefore, we can only import all contacts as a person or a company. We chose to go with "person" by default because this is more often the case than not. We're planning to add the option to convert a contact record from a person to a company in the future to help with this pain from Twitter.

For 3. We offer customer support via email M-F from 9-5 PM Pacific and you will always hear back from us if you write to We are also addressing CSV upload issues this summer to make it easier to bring your data into Nimble.

For 4. LinkedIn has limited their API from allowing CRM systems to sync job changes, therefore, you may update contacts with the Nimble Smart Contacts App while on LinkedIn if a contact changes their job. It's a different workflow, but it achieves the same result.

All in all, I really appreciate your feedback for Nimble. This is the kind of feedback we want so we can continue to stay at the top.



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Nimble is excellent

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 12:37

A very easy to use product which due to its supporting extensions also does a huge amount to break down data silos allowing you to extract a lot of value from the product even when you're not "in" Nimble itself.

Pros: Affordable, user friendly, endlessly useful and portable.

Cons: Doesn't sync with Google Contacts. There is a, third party, service you use to overcome this limitation but it is a limitation and a kinda surprising one too. I feel a bit mean withholding that fifth star in my rating because Nimble is, all round, one of the services I get the most value from but not syncing with GC does seem rather a large hole in the offering. If that's not an issue for you then take this as a Five Star review.

Response from Nimble

Hi David,

Thank you for taking the time to review Nimble.

When we were setting out to build an internal solution for Google Contacts sync, the team at PieSync reached out to us with a solution that was strong and ready to go, so we partnered with them. I'm not sure if you are a single-user or team user of Nimble, but the integration with PieSync is free if you are a single-user of Nimble.

If you're interested in checking it out again, I'm happy to chat more about it if you write to They also integrate with Salesforce, MailChimp, and they continue to add more apps to sync with Nimble.



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The Social CRM that doubles as a Sales Management Tool

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 10:59

We've used Nimble for the past year or so to manage our Leads and Sales process. The interface is intuitive and easy to get started with. This is a good CRM if you're looking for Lead management with added social information about your leads and a sales pipeline management tool.

Pros: Although there are many, the best feature in Nimble, along with their prompt and friendly support, is their Signals system (Social insights). Every contact/lead added to Nimble is tracked down automatically and their Social profiles show up in your feed.

Cons: The only point of improvement I can think of is to optimize the deals tab. One way of doing it can be to auto migrate dead leads (> 6-9 months) into a bucket which will not affect the load time of active deals.

Response from Nimble

Hi Lovepreet,

Thank you for taking the time to review Nimble.

We would love to learn more about how intensively your team is using the Deals tab because we plan to make enhancements to performance over this next year.

Aside from this issue, I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying Nimble for your sales and lead management :)



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It's fine for social crm and selling. Don't try to get too creative with it.

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 10:03

This is best for those actively selling with fairly normal sales cycles. For those of us who have less common sales cycles, clients who are not on social media, or need more workflow functionality, it isn't much better than a spreadsheet. It's not expensive for a small shop, but the per person fee is obnoxious. My assistant has to have a 2nd account even though she's connecting with clients on my behalf and we need all the information/emails in one spot. I keep nimble, but I'm not much of a user at this point. I'm looking forward to watching it improve. The customer support tries and that's worth a decent review.

Pros: Social metrics for contacts in one spot (though linkedin is a fail) - good concept, needs work I can add notes to my students each time I work with them so I have a persistent record Daily update of your calendar (not updated 12 hours prior?) and List of social connections made within the past day (twitter followers) so you can thank them the old fashioned way rather than with a bot.

Cons: My clients do not use twitter so that aspect is not essential for us. My assistant has to have a separate account which seems silly, adds nominal expense, but also doesn't actually give her access to my calendar/tasks/emails/etc. That has been a big disappointment. I end up not using nimble as much as I had hoped because we couldn't create our workflows through it. We had hoped she could auto schedule tasks for us based on my interaction with a student. ie send thank you note x days after last meeting, find out how the self study is going, etc. None of this appears to be possible. So nimble is not super functional for us. If we ever have a mass market or b2b client base this may become more interesting. I give decent marks to nimble, but frankly it doesn't serve us very well.

Response from Nimble

Hi Kate,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback about Nimble.

Regarding the shared calendar, you can now set the "Nimble Default Calendar" to be shared between team members in Settings >> Users.

For your tasks, your team member can navigate to the "Activities" tab and sort tasks by different team members to see their activities.

Lastly, for message privacy, you may "unlock" your message account within Nimble by selecting the lock icon in Settings >> Networks & Imports, or you can set a specific thread to public by clicking on the lock icon at the thread-level.

If you're having any trouble setting up these features, please send me a message at and my team will be happy to help.



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What CRM is supposed to be about

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 09:44

Nimble is second only to Excel as the most useful business app pound for pound. If you are a Sales Exec, then this is the perfect app to manage the interactions with prospects. It's CRM built for Sales Execs and you will actually want to use it. It actually helps you manage relationships with customers, unlike the monstrous bloatware that Enterprise CRM has become. It has increased my prospecting success by a minimum of 4x. I can't rate it highly enough.

Pros: Send and receive emails right from inside the app Smart Contacts App - add contacts direct from LinkedIn - genius Ease of use - so simple, so quick Send and receive tweets right from inside the app

Cons: Minor - body text of emails is not configurable to preferred font

Response from Nimble

Hi Alex,

Thank you for taking the time to review us, it's amazing to hear that we've quadrupled your prospecting success! If you're interested in telling us more, please send us a message at, we would love to do a feature.



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Awesome CRM

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 07:36

Been using Nimble for a long time now. Awesome, simple and incredibly intuitive. With Social Media integration as well as marketing tools, Nimble is one big package. Besides, total value for money.

Pros: Social Media Integration Marketing Tools integration Mobility Simple UI

Response from Nimble

Thank you for the kind review, Gopinath!



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Nimble App for tablet Samsung S 8.4' not available

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 06:52

Nimble app for Chrome is really incredible! It is so easy to add a Lead!

Pros: Videos and posts to understand how to use Nimble, in a DIY way. Good value for price (please don't change)

Cons: Nimble App for tablet Samsung S 8.4' not available. I have tried many times, without success. This tablet 4G is also my phone, so when I'm out of house, I cannot see Nimble. I suggest more info and post about how to configurate the customer funnel. I have had to see a lot of external CRM to configurate my Deals.

Response from Nimble

Hi Albert,

Thank you for taking the time to review us.

We should work on Android 4.0.3 and up whether you're on a tablet or phone - could you please write us about issues via email to help us investigate and fix? Please write to so we can help.

With regards to configuring your Deals tab for your customer funnel, we'd love to hear more from you via email so we can cater to your needs. We're always happy to help.



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Nimble Is A Simple & Easy CRM

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 05:37

Business Development (Marketing and Advertising company, Myself Only employees)
We are currently using Nimble for our sports marketing business. We tried using other CRM tools such as Zoho, vTiger, but we find them a little complicated to use especially for small businesses. Nimble helps us capture leads and build a profile from their social networks. It helps to give us an idea of our customers. We can add tags to our customers for segmentations. We can communicate to our customers within Nimble. We can export customer segments for import into our email marketing campaigns. We can also track simple sales pipelines.

Pros: Simple and easy to use.

Cons: Nimble though simple and easy to use, the pricing needs to be lowered to attract small businesses.

Response from Nimble

Thank you for taking the time to write a nice review of Nimble, we're happy to hear that we're helping you out :)



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A New Revolution in Mass Business Building

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 05:23

Everyday am learning more,new things how to use this App by the help of our Ceo Mr Jon Ferrara and right now i can see the right target people to work with after building relationship with them,so the app has helped me create a Distributing Chanel .Thanks

Pros: Have created a Distributing Chanel using this App

Response from Nimble

Hi Johnny,

Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We're happy we are helping you build your business more efficiently with Nimble :)



:Overall Feedback: Excellent App

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 03:35

I use Nimble every day. I have one installation just for my personal contact. I have had it implemented it at five different businesses that I have either been the CEO, CMO, or a business development advisor to. It always receives excellent feedback. Most CRM implementations fail as the user doesn't put in the effort to add or manage contacts. Nimble makes that part so painless which above all other features and this has what has lead to users actually keeping up their activity, not lectures or reminders from the CEO.

Pros: If you use Google mail and Chrome then the Nimble Chrome widget is game changing. It brings the whole CRM into gmail and allows for instant contact management. You can even mouse contacts in web pages and add them instantly. It's cost at $15 a user is also amazing. SalesForce is too expensive and clunky for most businesses.

Cons: I wish there was more control around data segregation. Although you can prevent users from downloading the database it would be nice be able to hide your contacts from other users in special circumstances.

Response from Nimble

Hi Freddie,

Thank you for taking the time to write about us :)

We're working on increased privacy restrictions and hope to have a solution or two out by the end of 2015, we know this is important for everyone trying or currently using Nimble.



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Great CRM

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 02:36

My sales team has been using this for over a year. It has alot of great features and is easy to use via the gmail widget.

Pros: Easy to use chrome widget Nice design and layout

Cons: Pipeline reporting is not very robust No custom fields in pipeline Lost deal reporting lacks lost date.

Response from Nimble


Thank you for taking the time to review us! We plan to make improvements to customize the Deal pipeline later this year :)



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The best prospecting tool I have ever used.

Verified Reviewer  23rd of June 01:36

Full disclosure: SmartCloud is a Nimble partner and we have been since Nimble was in Beta. it is the CRM we use internally to support our own sales and marketing efforts and I really like it. Nimble has an attractive UI, it is deceptively simple and easy to use but really powerful. It is simply the best prospecting tool that I have ever used.

Pros: Nimble is a SOCIAL CRM, it is built around social from the ground up and it gathers and imports contact data from all of the major social networks and your email, reducing the data input you need to do. The new Nimble Smart Widget will build a profile of a contact where ever you find it on the web, on social networking sites or just a name in a blog post, from that fragment of information Nimble builds a complete record of the contact based on their social media footprint, giving you a complete picture of who they are and what they do, and importing them into Nimble is then just a simple one click process.

Cons: For organisations and small teams with a longer sales cycle, where the relationship with the customer is the important factor, Nimble is ideal. Companies with a high volume of transactional sales might not find it as appropriate. Reporting could be stronger, but I understand that area of the application should be addressed shortly in an upcoming release. The ability to build a complete profile of a contact on the fly is the real differentiator and I would strongly recommend Nimble.

Response from Nimble


Thanks for taking the time to review us for the GetApp audience :)



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Review of Nimble - Mike Kunkle

Verified Reviewer  22nd of June 23:31

Overall. I really like what Jon and team are doing here. The ability to coordinate contacts across social networks is a major convenience. Keep in mind that I'm not selling or consulting today, but I am a power user of several social networks and an avid publisher of content and networker. For me, in my situation, it's very helpful. If I *were* selling, though, this would be a complete no-brainer. And Jon is listening to the market and having regular discussions with sales thought leaders, so I'd predict the app is only going to evolve in positive ways that deliver even more value.

Pros: Nimble pulls together not just the various social profiles of your network connections and what they're doing on social sites, but email as well. It's a one-stop shop source for everything related to your connections. I don't use Activities today, but the calendaring function could also be helpful and I may try it in the near. I'm also not selling, but like that there is a Value Proposition piece in the Deals section.

Cons: It's a shame that LinkedIn isn't more cooperative and now requires CSV imports. I get the competitive angle, and I'm sure LinkedIn views Nimble as a threat to their burgeoning CRM/Sales Navigator business, but it's short-sighted for the industry, in my opinion. I don't believe the closed approach is going to help elevate the sales profession. (They'll allow me to export my contacts, and import them into Nimble, so why not make it easier for me?) This isn't within Nimble's control, but it is a downside. I add 10-15 connections a week, easily, so my system is always out of date.

Response from Nimble

Hi Mike,

Thanks for taking the time to review us. You can always add your new connections to Nimble at the time of connecting on LinkedIn if you use our Nimble Smart Contacts app, available at :)



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A Great Value

Verified Reviewer  22nd of June 23:27

Director of Communications (Health, Wellness and Fitness company, 1-10 employees)
I really like Nimble overall! However, there is some functionality when it comes to deals and forecasting that it doesn't have that's making my team wonder if we will have to switch CRMs in the future.

Pros: Easy! So much easier than salesforce!! The tagging system is awesome and allows for a ton of customization and search options. It's great for our small sales team in we needed something that's easy to learn and start using right away, and nimble was just that for us.

Cons: Reporting isn't very detailed. For example, we really want to track individual activity (how many calls our reps made, etc.) so that we can figure out how much input translates to a decent funnel, but we can't track activity. Notes are sometimes glitchy and don't save right or they save multiple times.

Response from Nimble

Thanks for taking the time to write your review, I really appreciate it!

Our plans for expanding on the reports tab are right up your alley and we'll be releasing more capabilities later this year.

Regarding notes, they should definitely save right away and I'm more than happy to troubleshoot if you share more details with me at



Nimble – Easy to start, deep feature set

Verified Reviewer  22nd of June 23:08

I started using Nimble because it was very easy to start using, and after I grew, I evaluated other CRM systems, including Microsoft and Salesforce. For the size of my business, Nimble was a standout. To get the features I wanted in a CRM it would have been hundreds of dollars a month on a Salesforce platform. Nimble is comprehensive.

Pros: It's easy to get started, and the social integration and Chrome plugin is great.

Cons: The interface is often slow for me, and it lacks the ability to extensively customize.

Response from Nimble

Thank you for taking the time to write your review. We're happy you're enjoying the Chrome plugin and if you would like to share more details via email, we would be happy to help with the performance issues. You may reach us at



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Nimble out-innovates the rest

Verified Reviewer  22nd of June 22:36

I have been a Nimble user since the very early days. As a solo salesperson, I need something that is fast and simple and that concentrates on those basic areas that are the most important to me: contacts, tasks, communications, and opportunities. For me, Nimble fits this quite nicely!

Pros: Nimble is extremely flexible and the way that it flushes out contact profiles from just a name and an email address is really awesome! The Nimble team continues to respond to changes in the market in the most innovative ways. The Nimble Smart Contacts widget can be used anywhere on the web and it actually gathers more actionable insights from LinkedIn and Facebook profiles than the API access to these platforms ever did!

Cons: While this does not affect me personally, Nimble works flawlessly in a Google environment but I have found IMAP configurations outside of Google to be a little hit and miss. The email is good but lacks things like folders and groups. Sales teams requiring multiple permission levels will need to wait until those have been introduced.

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Wow. What a killer app!

Verified Reviewer  22nd of June 22:34

A verified reviewer
We recently started using Nimble at my early stage startup, so our CRM was a blank slate. With Nimble I was able to very easily capture company and user information with full social links. Saved me probably a hundred hours profiling our initial target market. The app itself could use some power features I've seen in more mature CRMs, but for where we're at today, this thing is perfect.

Pros: Lead capture couldn't be easier with the Chrome extension Support team has been super helpful and responsive to all of my questions/issues. Bug fix turnaround in a matter of days!

Cons: Can't choose custom columns on list views (yet) Does not yet have full MS Exchange integration (yet)

Response from Nimble

Thank you for taking the time to review us! We are going to have custom columns on the list view out hopefully by the end of this summer and we plan to tackle Office365 later this year for a more full-fledged integration.



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A real disappointment - all show, no go

Verified Reviewer  22nd of June 22:26

I had high hopes for Nimble and the promises they made, but the software has too many holes and support (especially technical support) is severely lacking. It's a shame as we invested a lot in developing around it (I'm even featured on their website) but we and every client we've recommended it to have given up in frustration. Save yourself the money and aggravation and look for something else.

Pros: Nice interface Easy third party integration via iframes

Cons: Buggy and lacking in some key features Slow to fix problems Repeatedly failed to hit promised fix/development timelines Disinterested support

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Good choice for a value offering

Verified Reviewer  22nd of June 22:25

Co-founder (Wireless company, 11-50 employees)
We have found NImble to be a good choice for a small Enterprise Startup.

Pros: Email integration, Social Integration, deal tracking.

Cons: Its not Salesforce, so new sales people don't know it.

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Was hopeful for more

Verified Reviewer  22nd of June 22:21

I was looking for a CRM that would help me keep in touch with approximately 2500 contacts. I really liked the social media interfaces that were available, but as LinkedIn, Facebook and others stopped the API with their platforms, Nimble started losing some of the appeal. Then, my contact data started getting corrupted. By corrupted, I mean random phone numbers would get changed from work to mobile or the phone number would disappear completely and all I'd have is the information from their LinkedIn profile with no phone number or emails address. Also, two and three duplicate contacts started appearing. I don't know if it was from the former social media syncs, or something else, but what a mess. And these were some of my top accounts. I had used PieSync to sync to Google Contacts. They said it couldn't be them. Nimble also said they couldn't understand how this could have happened. What I do know is I have a mess and have spent two long days working on duplicates. Now I have to spend who knows how much time to capture lost phone numbers and email addresses. I'm currently evaluating LessAnnoyingCRM and have also looked at Contactually and Insightly as possible replacements.

Response from Nimble

Hi Rick,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I looked into the issues with PieSync and it appears they occurred when we first launched the integration with their team. When we initially launched it, we didn't ask our users to make sure they merged potential duplicates in Google Contacts before syncing and this could have caused the issue with duplicates.

I don't see any open cases with you, but we're happy to resume support if you reach out to We want to keep you with us and we'd love to help clean your data up.



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Come a long way

Verified Reviewer  22nd of June 22:10

I've watched Nimble grow from a young and limited SaaS based CRM to a robust product under the vision and leadership of Jon Ferrara. I have confidence that Nimble will continue to evolve to meet the needs of sales professionals in the modern age of social relationship management.

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Nimble - Easy to Use, Awesome features

Verified Reviewer  21st of June 10:56

I use Nimble for the usual CRM features, lists, opportunities, Email, follow-ups. However, the key benefit for me is the ability to see contact's details in one place, see and send emails from within Nimble. See and share social media posts by person and more. Including scheduling. The really awesome feature is the new Nimble Smart App for Browsers. I'm Chrome a lot particularly in social media. The ability to highlight a person's name then Nimble builds a profile before your eyes based on their on-line presence is so useful and time saving. Then, I can add them to Nimble on the click of a button and edit the details. No need to open Nimble. Then, I can send them a message or add a note, task or opportunity. Again without going into Nimble itself. You can also do similar stuff from within Hootesuite. Nimble is so good at helping you build contact relationships in real time. It saves time because you can access so much from your browser or within Nimble itself. It has lots of connections. Nimble is a really great CRM if you want standard CRM features plus interactivity through social media.

Pros: Simple to set-up Intuitive to use "Today Page" gives you the quick of what is happening and what needs to happen. Nimble Smart App for Browsers Ability to add customise fields Mobile app useful when on the road.

Cons: Email is a little basic for formatting. Lack of link to Outlook Calendar Can't crate a report on Birthdays even they are displayed Can't set contacts as private. Despite these points I highly recommend Nimble for people wanting to proactively build relationships bases on the fullest possible information yet still use standard CRM features.

Response from Nimble

Thank you for the review, Ross! We appreciate having you as a Nimble user and advocate!

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My every day relationship manager

Verified Reviewer  20th of June 20:12

Nimble saves you tons of time by aggregating valuable icontact and communication nformation on the fly automatically. For new contacts, I just mark the contacts name and the browser widget does the rest. Once the wizard collected the contacts data and social context, I add the contact to nimble and start managing my communication with this contact. Whenever I use connect to an existing contact, I let the browser widget check if there have been changes to the contacts context or data to ensure that I am up to date. This saves me hours per contact and helps me to stay up to date with just a mouse click. Since nimble, I am able to really keep connected to more than double the amount of prospects and clients than before... And I am still much better prepared in any call or visit. Oh.. Sure, I manage opportunities in nimble, too and I sync nimble with ActiveCampaign with a cool integration from the apps marketplace.

Pros: Saves huge amounts of time Very easy to understand Genius browser integration Best CRM, social media and communications integration Low cost, high value App integration with other apps very easy and for many apps available I use it integrated with socialbro and hootsuite, too and have a great benefit by the close connection Transparency about the contact for the whole team My best CRM ever

Cons: Integration with the Microsoft stack very basic, google users are integrated perfectly

Response from Nimble

Thank you for the review, Rüdiger! We plan to improve our MS stack in our future roadmap.

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Capabilities that Surprise With Every Use

Verified Reviewer  20th of June 20:04

Nimble has been a joy to use and an increasingly important tool to have for my startup business. As a relative new user, I feel as though I'm unqualified to fully convey all of what Nimble can do, I just know every time I think I'd like some online communications function, Nimble can do it. Nimble is elegant. The tool is very logical to use for a newbie, yet it enables each marketing, content marketing or other marketing workflow modification I employ to improve my overall process. Again, I'm only at this a couple months, but I've been very impressed thus far. Nimble is great!

Pros: Ease of use - just works the way I want to. Social media integration Chrome extension for browser operation Third-party tool integration (MailChimp - works great, trying out Zapier)

Cons: I don't know... I haven't found anything yet!

Response from Nimble

Thank you for the kind review, Terry! We're happy that Nimble has been so helpful for you so far :)

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Salespeople Love Minimal Data Entry!

Verified Reviewer  20th of June 19:35

I own a consulting and training business with distributed associates, and my company also serves small to midsize companies that struggle to find a powerful CRM that salespeople will really adopt. Nimble meets all of my needs for customer relationships and deal flow, and I recommend it to customers.

Pros: Automatic population of relevant data from your own social networks; automatic population of email exchanges, both personal and team; integration with other apps, like Chrome and gmail; very customizable sales process/deal flow management linked to the CRM.

Cons: We lost the automatic connection to LinkedIn (LinkedIn's decision!), I still have trouble with the automatic update of my Nimble calendar with my Google calendar.

Response from Nimble

Thank you for your review, Barbara. We'll be happy to help you sort the Google Cal sync if you write us a quick message at

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Effective, easy, pragmatic CRM

Verified Reviewer  20th of June 19:29

I've tried many CRM systems and very few have delivered value. Nimble works how I work, integrated with social media at a much deeper level than others, and easy to integrate into our other workflows. The browser plugins make it effective wherever I am, and that's a big bonus.

Pros: Ease of use, Integration with browsers, shared information with team. Easy to store additional data and pass information and tasks to team.

Cons: iPhone app is slightly limited but that's trivail

Response from Nimble

Thank you, William! We're happy we could provide a solution that fits well with your workflows!

We also have a very awesome update on it's way for our mobile app, due out this summer.

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Harassing emails even after I asked to be taken off the list.

Verified Reviewer  4th of November, 2014 21:55

A verified reviewer
Unhappy with Zoho CRM I was searching the landscape for a better option. Nimble CRM was one of 7 that I tried out and I must admit they were a very distant 2nd place to lessannoingCRM. However I replied to an email I received asking to be taken off the email list and I mentioned that I settled on LessannoyingCRM and paid already. I needed to reply in the first place because there was no unsubscribe button within any of the emails I received (forced marketing). I believe the arrogance of Nimble led them to believe that I had no rights as a consumer because of some Machiavellian terms and conditions I agreed to when testing their site briefly. The rep was rude (via email) and told me I needed to cancel my trial membership on the site or I was going to keep receiving emails. Get over yourself Nimble, consumers have the power!

Pros: Nimble was much better than Zoho CRM and many others I tested. The price was very reasonable. The platform is somewhat attractive.

Cons: Way behind lessannoyingCRM and monstrous policies with rude forced marketing efforts that would take the one hair off Seth Godin's head. Jon, no means no and take me off the list means take me off the list and try to do it with a smile:)

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Big social media user -- love Nimble

16th of January, 2014 08:47

I run an Outsourced IT business and we already have a CRM to handle our sales efforts. However, for prospecting and managing outreach we use manual efforts. I ran across Nimble and decided to check it out. Great decision. Via one daily email from Nimble, I see all birthdays and events across all of my social media. If I want to email somebody, Nimble figures out how to reach them. Nimble is perfect if you want to consolidate all social media into one business-savvy view.

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I would highly recommend Nimble

15th of January, 2014 18:19

As far as CRM solutions go, Nimble has really nailed it! Just like the product, their customer service is top-notch. I would highly recommend Nimble for anyone looking to get a better grasp on relationship management, no matter what industry you are in.

Pros: Easy to use, great support team, endless interfaces.

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I've used them both

12th of October, 2013 22:33

Been on Insightly for about 6 months. The deeper I get into it the more I realize it does not have the features I need. However, Nimble has everything that Insightly has - but on steroids! I just discovered Nimble a few days ago after getting frustrated with insightly. Nimble is taking it to a new level and breaking ground. Insightly is comfortable where they are and I dont see them making any improvements in the near future. They have a don't care attitude

Pros: Its got everything I need!

Cons: Its a little buggie...but nothing tech support cannot overcome.

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Ease of use

24th of July, 2013 01:00

I got involved road testing Nimble CRM system because it appeared to stand head and shoulders above the other platforms available at the time. It is undoubtedly one of the best CRM systems around at the moment. Now that I have used, tested and benefited from it for over a year I can give it a massive 87 out of 100. If you don't take a close look at Nimble CRM then I don't know what else to say except... BIG MISTAKE.

Pros: Ease of use Constant innovation and improvement Reliability Great support

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Nimble CRM - makes users want to use it

18th of July, 2013 05:45

I wanted a CRM that enabled social media interactions as well as traditional CRM contact and opportunity management. It had to be easy to access and simple to use. Nimble CRM delivered 95% of what I wanted.

Pros: Daily overview on log-in and sent by email View and click to import contact data direct from social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Add Customisable tabs Direct links to Hootsuite Schedule social media posts Opportunity management

Cons: Basic email folders and formatting Customised fields history not kept Lacks opportunity dashboards

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great product!

17th of July, 2013 16:47

As a Realtor, keeping up relationships with clients is critically important, before, during, and after the sale. Business today is all about personal brand and maintaining relationships . Nimble keeps my on track. Great product! .

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Excellent software - essential for social media professionals

17th of July, 2013 14:30

Social media is a massive opportunity for businesses but it's difficult to manage the growth and nurturing of relationships developed through social media and turning some of these into advocates for your products or services or sales. Nimble provides all the functionality you require to do this.

Pros: Integrates with a variety of social networks so you can view and interact with status updates for contacts from a variety of courses. Integrates with Hootsuite Integrates with eMail Tracks and manages interaction.

Cons: Doesn't integrate with buffer app yet!

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A Sales Person's CRM

17th of July, 2013 13:34

CRM's have usually benefitted sales management, making how sales people sell an afterthought. Nimble has taken a different tact, focus on the sales person, duh! Genius! From easy social connecting, to data input to mail integration, Nimble reduces a sales person workload and allows them to spend more time selling. Crazy, I know!

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First impression: positive!

2nd of February, 2012 12:29

My first encounter with Nimble was very positive. The first thing I did was adding my Gmail account and you can start syncing messages and contacts. This takes some time initially but it is only one time that you have to do this process. From now on you can write, reply and view conversations from Gmail directly in Nimble. I actually like it better than Gmail now. Later I added Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, which was not problem at all. Everything is very intuitive. The best about Nimble: There’s hardly any loading! Clicking on the social media feed and then back to my 500+ contacts takes less than a second. I haven´t discovered all the possibilities that Nimble offers me until today, but now I am already very happy with the software.

Pros: No loading time, replaces Gmail

Cons: Nothing yet

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