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BambooHR overview

BambooHR offers a single system to consolidate all employee and human resources related data and to manage a number of human resources activity. The software can be used to build a centralized database of employee profiles that can be accessed by anyone in the company with the access permissions you define. Each profile can store personal information and a photo, as well as details on benefits, salary, time off, documents, training, and more. You can also add custom fields to record important information unique to your company.

Employees can be given self-service access to BambooHR letting them view and update their information whenever they wish. With custom permissions you can define which users have access to which information. Employees can also use the app to request time off, see what days off they are entitled to, and when other members of staff have booked time off. Managers can add time off policies and set accrual levels, approve time-off requests, and generate custom time off reports.

Aside from time off reports, BambooHR offers a range of other custom reports with the ability to filter, group and sort any of data in the system. The software also comes with a selection of pre-built reports such as salary history, age and gender data, turnover rate and more. Data can be pulled from your other 3rd party apps with BambooHR’s API and its integrations with a number of 3rd party benefit enrolment, payroll, and performance reviews software.

BambooHR also comes with an integrated application tracking system (ATS) module. The module can be used to create and publish job openings and record, review and track the status of incoming applications. There are further advanced features of the ATS module available that cover resume commenting, candidate ratings, job postings on social media and more.

BambooHR helps you keep track of all human resources activity not only through reporting, but also through email alerts. You can set up alerts to go to anyone about anything, from birthdays, to performance reviews, to insurance expirations. BambooHR is suitable for global companies with the ability to track payroll in multiple currencies and support for six different languages. BambooHR has a free mobile app for iPhone and Android that syncs in real-time with your Bamboo account.


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Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
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BambooHR reviews

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Lisa DeClercq

Excellent product!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-09-21
Review Source: Software Advice

If you need to be FULLY integrated, this may not be the right solution for you - you would have look at their partnerships prior to implementation. But the integrations they lack, they have made up for it with the tools the provide. We experienced a disaster when we migrated from Zenefits to another HRIS. While we experiencing such challenges, we found BambooHR and made the immediate switch. It has been a huge, pleasant adjustment for our company! After dealing with the customer service from Zenefits and the overall issues with the other HRIS, we finally landed in a place that provides a great product and great customer service that suits our needs. The implementation was incredibly smooth. Our rep, was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, available, efficient, loyal to the brand, etc... She went above and beyond on all of her commitments, worked hard to keep us on track, and was available throughout all of implementation. Once we were in the product, I was concerned about not having an assigned Account Manager. But the customer service desk is well trained and a wealth of knowledge, so we have not needed an assigned account manager. Reports are incredibly easy to access, company metrics are incredibly easy to understand, the features provided solve all of our business needs, and employees enjoy using the product. Time off works well, the app is super helpful, the esign feature makes any HR project easier to complete, the approvals have kept all the correct parties in the loop. Onboarding has been a major improvement - new hires get to see their teammates before their first day, which new hires have loved! No glitches every time. So reliable. Lastly, they don't have contracts. They are a month-to-month service.

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Tony Bredin

BambooHR is simple and user friendly but not built for large companies.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-01-17
Review Source: Software Advice

BambooHR software and management system is not the cheapest option out there but you get what you pay for. Well-organized, visually appealing tools that are simple to set up and run. This solution has an open API that allows the software to be integrated with a company's existing HR tech vendors, and the performance review function fits with the way more companies are working. I would suggest this product to small to medium companies.BambooHr has allowed our management team to be on the same page with employee Management. Our managers are able to access our Bamboo account from anywhere, allowing them to keep updated on their team. This product also allows employees to enter & update their own personal information reducing user error. This software reporting has several automated functions for manual reports that my company generates for the corporate office. We continue to automate more processes with the help of the Bamboo development team. The onboarding and offboarding processes are streamlined and offer electronic onboarding, task assignments, and e-signature documents. Bamboo HR is able to support every aspect of employee administration and HR management.

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Liana Guzman

Easy to use system that allows central tracking and reporting of most employee information.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-07-14
Review Source: Software Advice

BambooHR has been really helpful in storing and reporting on employee information, giving employees access to view their benefit and personal information, and I can't rave enough about the Applicant Tracking feature. As a one person HR department, BambooHR has allowed me to become a strong, communicative and organized recruiter in the midst of the million other things I do. As I learn more about email alerts and forms, I'm finding more and more ways for BambooHR to support and automate processes that otherwise take up a lot of time and paper. I love that you constantly seek, and act on, customer feedback to make continuous improvements that are relevant to improving our day to day operations. I love that you are responsive to questions and patiently provide guidance and instruction on how to use features. I don't feel like I've purchased this software, and fell into a black hole. The Bamboo team is accessible and supportive, welcoming questions and feedback. I look forward to learning more about how I can use BabmooHR's current features, as well as waiting to see what new features and updates you'll roll out next. Happy Bamboo-ing indeed! BambooHR's customer support is second to none. How they find such cheerful, helpful people, I don't know. They are happy to work with you to help you get the most out of the system. The system is user friendly and can be customized in a lot of ways. You can report on any information in the system, with easy to use standard reports, or you can create your own. They constantly add features and make improvements based on customer feedback. In some cases, they can make requested changes immediately. But they really seem to listen to what you want, and work to get there. Employees can see and request updates to their information, as well as complete & submit forms electronically. I'm able to create approval workflows to support many request processes, allowing us to become more automated and maintain files electronically, which we can then report on. I love the applicant tracking system. I think it's the strongest feature they have, allowing collaboration with hiring managers, as well as communication with candidates. It's helped me manage and improve our recruitment process with the click of a button. All candidate records are maintained in one place, and can be seamlessly on-boarded.

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Beth Thompson

We love BambooHR and the customization possibilities it provides!

Reviewed 2016-05-13
Review Source: Software Advice

I did a lot of research on HRIS before choosing BambooHR. For those thinking about using BambooHR, really look at how your structure is set up and how you want it to work when the product goes live. For example, we have two divisions in two different locations. Both divisions are very unique and what one division needed the other did not. Getting this figured out before implementation will help alleviate the need for a lot of change once the system goes live. For our company, BambooHR was by far the best fit for us. The best thing about this product is the customization and the ease in which we were able to implement the system. From the time we decided to go with BambooHR to the time it was implemented and functional was a little over a month! My dedicated implementation specialist, Carol Brogdon was great to work with during the implementation of the system. I am not IT expert or tech person, and this was easy! The customization of the system allows (from the beginning) you to create a system in which each user can see as mush or as little of the information as needed. Since implementation, I have even been able to customize more information on the site that is specific to our needs with two different locations and divisions. The time off feature allows our employees to request time off from their smart phones or pc quickly and for our admin and foremen the calendar of "Who's Out" is extremely useful, especially for looking ahead and seeing who will be out on vacations or sick/holiday time. Anniversary dates and birthdays are visible and there is no longer a need to keep a spreadsheet with this information. The reports that can be generated on training, time off balances, licensing, etc has been a time saver. The ability to transform these reports into PDF, excel and even share custom reports as needed has been very beneficial to us. On-boarding, off-boarding, completing forms as needed has been extremely efficient utilizing the uploading of files and then setting up the signature templates (no more paper pushing or waiting for people to sign and return documents). Uploading files to share with all employees or just a few employees is also a great tool. We utilize the company announcements to send important information to some or all of our employees. The notes section has been invaluable for our managers to document information and if an employee moves to a new location, the new manager now has that information at their fingertips. Our employees can update their address, marital status, with-holdings, etc all from their dashboard. No longer do they have to wonder if the HR department has their most current information because they see what is on file for them with the company when they log in. We have yet to utilize the Job Openings component yet. This was a big draw, as we had experienced a large growth last year. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending) our hiring has tapered off, so we have not had the opportunity to try this out. As far as BambooHR responsiveness to any issues I have encountered, they have been very quick to resolve. I like that they are constantly trying to improve the product and take ideas and suggestions on areas of concern. This type of progressive thinking and action will make them and keep them a front runner in the HRIS world.

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TJ Zawodniak

Cumbersome HR Processes Streamlined w/ BambooHR

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-10-11
Review Source: Capterra

BambooHR has revolutionized the way we do business. From top to bottom, our employees have nothing but great things to say about this software. Several cumbersome processes have been streamlined. For example, Bamboohr's applicant tracking system has given us the platform to compete for candidates who are not only more qualified but who also fit our company culture. Finding the right folks has decreased turnover and saved on training costs. The APS has streamlined our applicant workflow process. For instance, HR and managers now have the ability to work together in reviewing and scheduling applicants. This alone has yielded more qualified candidates in half the time. The PTO tracker is another Bamboohr feature our company absolutely loves. Prior to Bamboohr we used email and paper to track PTO. The double, sometimes triple, handling of requests was beyond frustrating. Employees now request off and receive their managers approval (or denial) within minutes. Employee records throughout the system are updated the moment their supervisor accepts his/her PTO request. Everyone enjoys managing their own PTO. Employee on-boarding is another process streamlined through Bamboohr. Candidate information is transferred from the APS to their employee record the moment he/she is hired. We customized bamboohr's on-boarding checklist to fit our company's needs. Any person, whether HR, manager or new hire, can be assigned items within a template checklist. Once a person is hired, the assigned items will automatically generate notifications to the appropriate person. Check-list notifications may serve as simple reminders to more complex messages requiring electronic signatures. Bamboohr's electronic signature feature recently has allowed us to enjoy our first "paperless" on-boarding experience!! BambooHR is without question a game changer. APS is extremely effective. Sleek design gives companies competive advantgage. PTO tracker via mobile app is a game changer Paperless on-boarding is real!

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BambooHR is an online HR software that provides human resource professionals with the necessary tools to successfully transition from manually tracking employee information in paper forms and spreadsheets to managing it with personalized HRIS (human resource information system), leaving them with more time to perform more value-adding tasks.

Especially created for small to medium-sized businesses with employee count ranging from 10 to 500, BambooHR’s main features include time-off management, centralized employee information, customizable user access levels, customizable fields and reports, and usability for global companies.

What is BambooHR?

BambooHR is an intuitive HR software system that simplifies usual HR tasks like attendance, time-off requests, employee benefits, contact information, trainings and certifications – all facets of the employee lifecycle, essentially. Its in-depth reporting features provide executives and managers insight into vital business indicators like employee retention and turnover rates, and certification and compliance metrics.

From the color scheme to the company logo, from individual tabs to required fields in a report, BambooHR is highly customizable and affords clients the ability to create their own systems based on how they run their HR departments. Customizable and pre-defined alerts keep employees and managers apprised of important dates like anniversaries and birthdays, and due dates for certification expirations and renewals, performance reviews and benefit eligibility.

Who is BambooHR for?

  • Experience: All levels. It is designed to be user-friendly so employees and HR managers can use, all the way up to the most advanced IT professional
  • Industry: All
  • Business size: Ideal is 50-1,000 employees, but capable of taking less, and more
  • Departments/Roles: HR Manager, HR Director, VP of HR, HR Specialist/Generalist, HR Coordinator, etc.
  • Budget/price point: Starting at $8 per employee per month, with $99 monthly minimum
  • Example customers: SoundCloud, Fab, Foursquare, Lyft, Shopify, FreshBooks

Main features

Time-Off Management

For BambooHR to automate your time-off management workflow, you will initially need to specify your company’s time-off policies: accrual levels, waiting periods, maximum accruals, carryovers, and so on. Once done, employees will already be able to check their time-off balances, request time-offs from their computers or smart devices, and view a calendar of employees scheduled to be on leave.

When an employee submits a time-off request, their manager is notified through email. Depending on the company’s service level requirements, the amount of time the employee has already accrued, and the number of people scheduled to be out on the requested date/s, the manager can either approve or deny the request via phone or online. The requester then receives an email notifying them of the decision.

Centralized Employee Information

Aside from task automation, BambooHR functions as your company’s central repository of essential employee data that includes job and salary history, current work status and responsibilities, location, dependents, emergency contacts, benefits, trainings, and other related information that your HR department keeps on file, including annotations that may protect the company from future litigations. Relevant online documents (applications, company forms, training manuals, performance reviews, handbooks and health forms) can be stored and shared.

BambooHR also has a directory feature that lets you view an employee’s name, job title, employment status, date of hire, and photo. Contact information can be quickly accessed and shared with other members of the organization. The system has basic organizational chart functionalities, but for organizations that need a more robust alternative, BambooHR has built-in integrations with OrgChart Now.

Customizable User Access Levels

In order not to put your employee data in jeopardy and make certain that information is shared to only those with authorized user access, BambooHR uses role-based access protocols that let you build custom user groups with access assignments based on their job descriptions. Simply put, the type and amount of information users are allowed to access are entirely up to you.

Using any device, employees can log in to their accounts from anywhere to update their personal information, view their time-off balances, training particulars, benefits data and company documents. Managers, on the other hand, can access reports pertaining to their employees’ paid time-off, trainings, certifications and benefits, without the added strain to their already hectic schedule. This is because everything is automated, and report generation can be done in a few clicks.

Customizable Fields and Reports

BambooHR understands that every organization is unique, which is why fields, tabs and reports can be customized to reflect the way companies manage their workforce. You want to track your employees’ favorite color or candy bar? Probably not the kind of data businesses usually keep an eye out for, but yes, those can be tracked with BambooHR.

On the reporting side, there are two ways reports can be generated: through customized reporting or using standard reports available in the report library. Standard reports include Additions and Terminations, Age Profile, Benefit Eligibility, Birthdays, EEO-1, Employment Status History, Gender Profile, Job History, Last Pay Change, Salary History, Time-Off Balances and Schedule, among others. For customized reports, the data filter is your best friend.

Usability for Global Companies

If you have business offices in various locations around the world, you would naturally want your employees to use the language they are comfortable with. BambooHR currently supports six different languages (English, French Canadian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Dutch), which can be adjusted on a per-user basis.

Popular local currencies are likewise supported, and number, timezone and date formats are also provided as an option.


BambooHR’s native API (application programming interface) client allows integrations with just about any software out there (including those that have been built in-house) to ensure users keep their existing systems, eliminate the need to re-enter business-critical data, and stay working in familiar environments.

BambooHR has ready-made integrations with applicant tracking systems like [CATS] ( and [HiringThing] (, NetSuite’s ERP system, performance review solutions like Bullseye Engagement and Small Improvements, payroll software like TRAXPayroll and, and time and attendance systems like SwipeClock and [NimbleSchedule] (, among others.


The professional package costs $8 per employee per month, again with a minimum spend of $99 per month. For this, you get all of the basic features plus employee onboarding, employee self service, benefit tracking, advanced custom reports, custom alerts, 100MB storage per employee, powerful batch editing, and more.

Bottom line

  • Intuitive and user-friendly HR software that simplifies transition of employee information and reports from spreadsheets and other paper forms to a single cloud-based hub
  • Automates common HR workflow and leaves HR professionals with more time to perform more value-adding activities
  • Dynamic mobile accessibility provides employees and management the ability to track relevant information while on the go
  • Supports all popular local currencies and six languages
  • Open API allows seamless integration with other software, including those built in-house

Additional information for BambooHR

Key features of BambooHR

  • Employee profile directory
  • Employee profiles w/ custom fields
  • Training & benefits tracking
  • Job & salary history
  • Online document storage
  • Employee self-service
  • Custom access permissions
  • Time off requests & approval
  • Time off reporting
  • Staff calendar
  • Pre-built & custom reports
  • Custom alerts
  • Applicant tracking system module
  • Basic & advanced recruiting features
  • e-signature of documents
  • Multicurrency payroll data
  • Multiple languages
  • API
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Customizable interface
  • Payroll
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Employee Profiles: Managers can keep track of all employee history and recent information. Employees can update their own data. Co-workers can search the directory and discover each other's profiles.

Applicant Tracking: Create job posts and track applications as they come in. Share and comment on resumes and add star ratings to candidates’ applications.

Time-off Management: Employees can request time off, view the company calendar and track their holiday/ sick days. Managers can approve time off and see time off reports.

HR Reports: Access pre-built reports or create custom reports on all kinds of data, from EEO-1 reports to age and gender profiles. Export reports to Excel, PDF & CSV.

Alerts: Set up email notifications to go to any member of staff to remind them of birthdays, benefit eligibility, license expirations and upcoming reviews.

Custom Permissions: Decide who has access to what within the system by giving specific access permissions to managers, admins and employees.

Globally Compatible: BambooHR supports payroll data in multiple currencies and six different languages.