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Help Scout Reviews

Help Scout

Web-based help desk designed for a great customer experience

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Makes life SO much easier

Verified Reviewer  7th of September 20:35

HelpScout has become an essential, can't-do-without part of my workday with how savvy and helpful it is in organizing contact with our customers and giving us a handy module for FAQs to boot.

Pros: - Keeping un-answered emails bolded even after you've read it once, - "Traffic Cop" for keeping egg off your face in case you send an email before reading a follow-up email from the customer - Intuitive inbox and Doc-editing interfaces - Ability to tag email addresses and assign conversations to a particular team member - "Show original" option to see the email in its original formatting, in case HelpScout's interface isn't able to accommodate - Quick customer service response times, to fix problems in a pinch - about 20 other things :-)

Cons: Pretty minor, really: - Sometimes the inbox counts don't always update automatically (between 30 seconds and a few mins, depending on the day) - I honestly can't think of any others (seriously, it's that good)

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Help Scout is truly the greatest!

Verified Reviewer  1st of September 16:49

I have now integrated Help Scout in three companies. One of those, we decided to move to another platform to integrate with other features and boy did we regret it! I'm excited to be working with them again as they have always been amazing at customer service, prompt, helpful and friendly. I've even been part of beta service testing in the past, which was really great! I can't say enough about how easy it is it use and how beneficial it is to my customer service career!!! A gem I take with me everywhere.

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Simple & cost effective for small team support

Verified Reviewer  31st of August 02:34

We were struggling to ensure all our customer support emails were replied to in a timely manner and often we were missing replies or getting confused when multiple employees needed to handle the support. I tried a few different systems and they were either bolted on to Gmail, which got confusing or overly complicated for a small team. Finding Helpscout was a breath of fresh air. The web app was simple to setup and immediately it made sense with features that gave us the power to ensure we were giving our customers the best service possible.

Pros: * Simple to use with powerful features available if you need them * Great documentation so little or no training needed for new staff * Customer service from helpscout is brilliant with quick and helpful responses * Two favourite features - 1) the ease with which you can move assign conversations back and forward between staff members 2) Save replies - saves so much time!

Cons: * A mobile app or mobile optimised web app is really needed

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Simplest HelpDesk Solution I've Used

Verified Reviewer  28th of October, 2014 19:35

I'm a founder of a bootstrapped SaaS app, and only have 10 hours a week to work on it outside my full time job. That means I need a help desk product that gets out of my way and let's me quickly answer my users' questions and keeps track of what questions have been answered and what questions still need followed up on. I tried 4 or 5 different help desk products, and HelpScout was the simplest and its workflow made the most sense to me. I absolutely love how all the support tickets can be taken care of through email, and I don't have to login to the HelpScout app if I don't want to. I've been using HelpScout for over a year now, and recommend it to anyone looking for a simple help desk product.

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Verified Reviewer  28th of October, 2014 13:10

Help Scout has changed the way we handle Support request in an extremely positive way. I know that our emails to our clients are in good hands when going through Help Scout, and it's great that I can keep track of whether or not a client has read our responses and their reports and insight help us analyze what we do well, and what we can do better. There has been only one instance I can recall where Help Scout ran into a glitch, and they were immediately responsive and helpful with the situation. They were proactive in that they emailed their clients and informed us of not only what had happened, but of what to expect! Help Scout also writes extremely helpful blogs for any Client Service related business! I've learned a lot, and will continue to read these as their published. The subject line, "Monkey See, Monkey Do", is because it's clear that Help Scout follows their own advice when it comes to servicing clients and keeping them happy!

Fantastic Helpdesk Solution

Verified Reviewer  28th of October, 2014 10:35

I am utterly enthused by HelpScout! It is fast, elegant, and even sometimes fun to use. Almost everything I need to serve my company's customers is included right there in the app. Plus it has a nice API that our webmaster has used to give me information from our online store about past customer orders.

Pros: - Easy interface that allows me to quickly move through my open tickets. - Quick assignment to other workers. - Beautiful saved reply search feature makes it simple to answer frequently asked questions.

Cons: The only real problem I've had is that the attachment system gets stuck whenever I try to upload by dragging files into the window. Otherwise, HelpScout is brilliant.

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Help Scout brought light into our dark

Verified Reviewer  28th of October, 2014 09:40

Before we started using Help Scout almost 2 years ago we didn't have any numbers to track and analyze our support. Right now we can't image living without the reports and insights we get every single day. It helped us being so much better at helping our customers and realizing where we need to improve our app. Oh - and their blog is pretty cool, too :)

"Thanks for a truly awesome piece of software..."

11th of December, 2012 10:43

The more we use HelpScout, the more we love it (and so do our customers!!) Thanks for a truly awesome piece of software that really is making a HUGE difference to our business.

"We are loving Help Scout"

3rd of November, 2012 10:37

We are loving Help Scout—our work flow has gone from broken to functional in the space of a day. It’s great :)

"We couldn’t do our support without them..."

22nd of October, 2012 10:37

We couldn’t do our support without them, and being good at support has helped us so much

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"Awesome app and amazing team."

12th of September, 2012 10:37

After trying just about every customer support app, we’re incredibly happy with Help Scout. Awesome app and amazing team.

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"I love Help Scout."

8th of July, 2012 10:37

I love Help Scout. I’m almost supporting an entire area myself (I have two people backing me up). I know I couldn’t do it without Help Scout.

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"We really do like your service."

5th of July, 2012 10:37

We really do like your service. It’s finally a help desk that actually does just that instead of 1001 other things that just overcomplicate it (we’re still working through learning the best way to use it internally, but so far its the easiest solution we’ve ever tested.

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"I´m so impressed with HelpScout"

18th of June, 2012 10:36

I’m so impressed with HelpScout—not only as a great app, but the customer service has been outstanding.

Extremely easy to deploy

15th of June, 2012 15:59

This is the ideal app for everybody who need to manage an email address such as a info@, sales@. We forward all incoming emails from that addresses to our Help Scout address. From there we create tickets and automated reponses. All in all, the app is pretty nice and I like working with it.

Pros: Extremely easy to deploy and to prepare customized templates Competitive Price

Cons: Could offer more features

"We’re able to respond to customers faster"

15th of May, 2012 10:36

We had HelpScout up and running in minutes, and we’ve never looked back. We finally have crystal clear insight into the questions customers are asking as well as how well we handle the daily ebb and flow of support. More importantly, we’re able to respond to customers faster without any requests slipping through the cracks.

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"It's the kind of product that is taking our business to a different level"

11th of May, 2012 10:35

Tools like Help Scout enable us to execute the kind of one-on-one service we're looking for. It's the kind of product that is taking our business to a different level.

Customer testimonials for Help Scout

The following testimonials have been provided by Help Scout.

We looked at Zendesk, but it’s way too complex for our small team of 7. Help Scout is exactly what we’re looking for. Absolutely loving it!

Darren Sproats, The Lad

“We love it! Help Scout allows us to quickly and easily manage and reply to a large volume of email while still being able to interact with each and every customer one on one. It does exactly what we need without all the superfluous bells and whistles that ultimately just get in the way of focusing on what is most important: reliably communicating directly with our customers. ”

Carl, Rocket Genius

Help Scout is the best app I've used in a LONG time. It's simple and just works perfectly. Very impressed!

Carl Mercier, Codified Inc

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