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Klipfolio overview

Klipfolio helps businesses of all sizes to discover the metrics that matter most to their business or function, and then automates the process of monitoring and acting upon these metrics using our dashboard. Klipfolio integrates with hundreds of data sources including Salesforce, Quickbooks and Google Analytics, databases or Excel and other offline content.

Klipfolio provides businesses with visibility into their data with real-time dashboards and automated reports. Bring together data from virtually anywhere. Use pre-built data visualizations or build custom visualizations using Klipfolio's editor. Give teams an up to date view of how they're performing against the unique performance metrics. Track the business with automated reports, published dashboards or with TV monitors.

The platform offers native mobile apps for Android and iOS for on the go access to results for sales teams or execs who need data at their fingertips no matter where they are.


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Klipfolio screenshot: Klipfolio helps users stay in control of their business by giving users visibility into their most important data and metrics, wherever they are3 Ways To Build Dashboards With KlipfolioKlipfolio screenshot: Build and share real-time business dashboards on web browsers, TV monitors and mobile devicesKlipfolio screenshot: Consolidate all data in one place to create a clear picture of performanceKlipfolio screenshot: With Google Analytics and KlipStart, users can track key web metrics in one simple dashboardKlipfolio screenshot: The Klip Gallery allows users to track key metrics in just a few clicks with the pre-built Klip templatesKlipfolio screenshot: With Google AdWords and KlipStart, users can track digital campaigns in one simple dashboardKlipfolio screenshot: Klipfolio Dashboard is accessible on any device that has an internet connectionWhat is Klipfolio? Explainer Video

Klipfolio reviews

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Karla Dunkan

Dashboard that motivates to move ahead

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-07-01
Review Source: GetApp

"On the beginning of my business career, I asked myself how the success may be reached. By having a good product and team are not enough for a stable result, trends on the world market are in movement all the time, so in order to be in real time connection with people desires, you should grouping, filtering, aggregating and sorting information that essential for your goal. And according to my experience, Klipfolio is unbelievable software for agile and single-minded companies. This program empowers you to build your own dashboards. This software is API machine with 100s of connections to the web services you may use to grow your business. What also convenient is the application Klip Editor where you are able «to create your story». There you will find a palette of possible visualizations that enhance your flexibility in the creation process. Moreover, if you want to go deeper with your data, they provide the tools you need to execute the complex formulas to solve challenging data problems. Additionally, Klipfolio helps you to share data with your team and clients through multiple channels. In my mind, it’s a great way for executives to nurture a culture of data transparency and the team to see their performance at a glance. "

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Lisa Wester

Positive. My questions are clarified efficiently and effectively with a robust solution provided.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-07
Review Source: Capterra

By turning data into a visual dashboard, Rooted Elm is able to support our clients in making smarter decisions about their email marketing program, identify gaps and enhance overall subscriber engagement.My trust for Klipfolio started on day one when I was researching which dashboard solution to invest in. CEO, was the person who introduced me to the system then trained me on how to use it. Klipfolio has grown leaps and bounds since then, and the software is more sophisticated and flexible, but I still receive exceptional support when I need it. Klipfolio Ninja Services has assisted me in advancing the dashboards I create for our clients to an entirely new level. Most often I have the vision and know how I want to parse the data -- but sometimes the right formula or a better, more straightforward way of bringing the data to life happens with one of our Klipfolio Ninja! Recently Klipfolio has made improvements to their interface and functionality allowing it easier for a non-formula minded marketer (like myself) to use. Being the visual person that I am, I find the video library as well as the knowledge base with examples helpful and reference them often to build the visual component I need.

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Martin Matuska

Viz tool for start-ups or marketing agencies with many integrations

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-07-13
Review Source: Capterra

Easy to use, automatization of reports and nice visualization! Thanks them we are using our data daily.Klipfolio is dynamic and you can start building your visualization in almost no-time. I was looking for a solution for our business overview dashboards, which is affordable and give us a possibility to start building our dashboards as soon as possible. We needed cloud/online solution without installation, which has Postgre database integration - that's we have got with Klipfolio. One more feature to mention - it's pretty good, that you have plenty of pre-built visualization and dashboards (you would appreciate that, especially if you are online marketing agency, or building dashboards for your online business using Google Analytics, Facebook, Facebook Ads or other data sources) As I mentioned at first paragraph - we are building our business overview dashboards. Basically, dashboards for CEO and whole team how are business is doing in terms of KPI which we choose and measure over the time. Benefits - quick way from start to first viz, affordable and many pre-built viz and dashboards are main benefits which we really appreciate!

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Powerful visualizations with a great support team

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-11
Review Source: GetApp

My team uses highly-customized instance of Salesforce as an internal project management system. We also have several other services, such as SharePoint, Google Docs, and others, where data is stored. We found Klipfolio in our search for a dashboarding tool that would allow us to integrate all of these services into a single view for our users across the department. The visualization components are pretty flexible and can be bent to fit your needs. The support team is incredibly patient and are never slow in responding to inquiries.

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James DiPilla

LOVE the Social Media integration!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-11-23
Review Source: Software Advice

Since much of our marketing and such is done on social media, it’s important to have integration with the most common platforms. Klipfolio does this, and also has a mobile app. To us, this is a major plus and one of the main reasons we picked the program.The fact that Klipfolio integrates with Facebook and Twitter was really the selling point for us. You can judge just by your figures, but with how prevalent social media is in running a business, you really need to have a program that pulls data from those areas as well. The mobile app is also very handy, especially if you want to check figures while on vacation!

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Klipfolio pricing

Pricing options
Free trial
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Free Account option

Starter: $29/mo - for small teams with a few users or shared dashboards on TV’s.

Publish: $49/mo - for small teams that need automated reporting.

Grow: $99/mo - for larger teams who need to monitor and share up to date performance.

Team: $199/mo - for data driven teams who need extra capacity to build dashboards, automate and share.

Multiple Add Ons available including Ninja Services, Custom Theme, White Label, SSL Domain Alias, & Custom Data Store.

Klipfolio features

Activity Dashboard
Ad hoc Reporting
Business Intelligence
Customizable Reporting
Dashboard Creation
Data Filtering
Data Import/Export
Data Visualization
Drag & Drop Interface
Graphical Data Presentation
Multiple Data Sources
Real Time Analytics
Real Time Data
Real Time Reporting
Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integration
Visual Analytics

Charting (68 other apps)

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Encryption of sensitive data at rest
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Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Additional information for Klipfolio

Key features of Klipfolio

  • Attach annotations to reports for others to see
  • Integrate multiple data sources in single report
  • Unlimited users
  • Manage access rights to important information
  • Many branding options such as logo replacement
  • White-label options for agencies/partners
  • Trusted security model
  • Accessible on any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE)
  • Experienced support staff and in-depth documentation
  • Mobile accessible (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows)
  • Set up data sources using flexible REST connector
  • Direct file upload for files on computer or network
  • Securely connect to SQL data bases
  • Excel, CSV, JSON, XML file formats supported
  • Clear, effective visualizations
  • Pick from a variety of built-in report styles
  • Simplified dashboard assembly
  • Attach annotations to reports for others to see
  • Self-service KPI editing platform
  • Easy to use threshold indicators
  • Pre-built dashboard gallery
  • Prep and transform data
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Merge data that comes from different places in a powerful editor, to capture and visualize insights that live at the intersection of the organization's data.

Customize data visualizations in a powerful editor to tell the story behind the numbers in a way that is meaningful and actionable for the business.

Share dashboards and reports via public and private (password protected) URLs, by downloading them as images or PDFs, or by setting up regular and automated email reports.

Put dashboards in TV mode and view them on rotation throughout the office to keep the team on the same page.

Connect to virtually any type of data, online and offline, including web apps like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Google Drive and Dropbox, MySQL and Postgres SQL databases, on premise servers and files from a computer.